Word War Z: No Chili References, Still Awesome

A favorite of the staff here at Zombies Hate Chili, is the excellent Max Brooks novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. There had been rumors for years about it being made into a motion picture and those rumors are finally proven true and the first trailer for the movie has finally been released (see below). From the trailer, it seems unlikely that the movie is following the book closely, but that really cannot be determined based on the limited footage. A key concept of the book is that it is a series of interviews with various people about a zombie attack in the past. The various stories are told by different people in different parts of the world, with different occupations, and so forth making it a very realistic and believable account. The new movie could be the perspective of one person with sequels to cover the rest, or it may just be focusing on a single story despite the fact they may tell a few (which makes sense; focusing on the Brad Pitt character in the trailer and not some new face for marketing purposes). At any rate, check out this book, it is among the very best of the zombie genre (despite its lack of reference to chili).


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