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Zombies hate canned chili in particular?

Your attention is called to #27 of this article entitled, “50 Things You Did Not Know About Zombies”  which reads, “Zombies cannot use a can opener and therefore hate canned chili”. While this does support the fact that zombies do hate chili, the logic behind the reason for the widespread disgust for the food is certainly suspect.


Zombie/Chili Awareness Poll

For most, where you first learned zombies hated chili is a difficult question to answer. With so many references it’s like asking where did you learn Frankenstein’s monster was afraid of fire. Probably a book, movie, story told to you by a loved one? To gain a better perspective of where most remember attaining this knowledge, please complete this simple poll…

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Logic: People hate = Zombie hate

ZombieVomitIt is well documented that a large number of people hate chili, so at a minimum we can establish that this same populous of zombies would in fact have a similar, strong dislike for the food. Coupled with the fact that brains are by and far the most desired food for zombies should come as no surprise to the logically minded that zombies hate chili.