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Zombies Hate… Stuff

A book of what zombies hate and chili was inexplicably overlooked. We’ve reached out to Greg Stones the author/artist of Zombies Hate Stuff to see if a second edition or external update may be in order. Stay tuned…

Update: Greg responded, “I have to admit that the zombies’ hatred of chili escaped me while doing extensive research for the book. (A majority of that research involved playing Angry Birds instead of actually working.) For the potential sequel, I will expose zombies to chili and see what happens. If their hatred is so strong that they end up killing me, I will hold you personally responsible. Consider yourself warned.”

Fingers crossed for a sequel that addresses this gross oversight!


Zombie Movie Reference Guide

Researching Zombies yourself? Check out this book of Zombie Movies now in its second edition. Featuring chronological reviews of more than 300 zombie films, this can be a real time saver when you consider many zombie movies have you regretting your choice less than ten minutes in. Of course, the few good ones are amazing and pretty well known– use this guide to find the lesser known good ones among the bunch! Find any chili references? Please let us know.